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Impostor syndrome.

You know, that little voice in your head that says, “Who do you think you are? You can’t do THAT! You'll never be as good as so-and-so. It's only a matter of time before everyone finds out you don't have a CLUE what you're doing.”

This is a show about that.

Producer, singer, mentor, storyteller, and urban meditation aficionado Andrea Klunder takes you inside the minds and hearts of artists, healers, creative entrepreneurs and anyone who's willing to take a risk, think outside the box, move beyond self-doubt to live their creative work, and live their best lives.


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Jun 7, 2018

Episode 070. "But everyone keeps saying just find your passion -- find that one thing and follow your bliss and I thought well... I have a bunch of passions, so which passion are we talking about? And that's why I kept feeling really stuck in that decision of needing to pick one thing." ~Monica Rivera

I'm obsessed with podcasts and I always want MORE so there's this thing I do once a week in the She Podcasts Facebook Group on Wednesdays. I scroll through a VERY long thread of new podcast episodes by other women podcasters and pick a few I've never heard of to check out. 

Most of the time, I decide they're not for me but every once in a while, a show really stands out and I fall in love.

That's what happened with Monica's podcast: You Wanna Do What?!

When I first heard it, I thought, "I want to to be friends with this woman."

Her show feels so motivating without feeling coachy or preachy or overwhelming. And I'm so happy to be getting to know her and introduce her to you!

2 stories that stand out in this interview:

1) How Monica got into podcasting

2) How she was inspired by her grandmother not to wait to try new things

Listen to Monica's podcast You Wanna Do What?!
I love episode 045: Are You Really Living? 

"I am comparing myself to myself... what I think I should be doing versus what I am doing, which I think is the worst kind because you're with yourself all the time. So you're constantly almost at war if you let yourself be." ~Monica Rivera

Connect with Monica:





"And some days honestly, I just have to sit in that space and let me feel it and just kind of go through it of kind of beating myself up a little bit and then the next day hoping that it gets better, but I never try to force myself out of something that I'm feeling." ~Monica Rivera 

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