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Impostor syndrome.

You know, that little voice in your head that says, “Who do you think you are? You can’t do THAT! You'll never be as good as so-and-so. It's only a matter of time before everyone finds out you don't have a CLUE what you're doing.”

This is a show about that.

Producer, singer, mentor, storyteller, and urban meditation aficionado Andrea Klunder takes you inside the minds and hearts of artists, healers, creative entrepreneurs and anyone who's willing to take a risk, think outside the box, move beyond self-doubt to live their creative work, and live their best lives.


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Jan 25, 2018

"If you’re brave enough to follow your curiosity, then that place that you end up will often be a place that nobody else has been." ~David Kadavy, Episode 060

I've been binging David Kadavy's podcast, Love Your Work, ever since I discovered him on Jennifer Gardner's podcast, RoamHowl. And then I read his new book The Heart to Start AND now it's available as an audio book on Audible.

David's work is the gift that keeps on giving -- and yet, I haven't paid for any of it. Yet. And that's one thing we talk about in this episode -- the challenge of being a content creator, following your curiosity and figuring out how to make a living doing it WITHOUT selling some kind of $1000+ online course.

Get The Heart to Start for Kindle here, or the audio version on Audible here!*

We also talk about:

  • How David got from Nebraska to Silcon Valley to Chicago and now Colombia -- where he's discovered how to reduce the friction of daily life, variable weather and decision making in order to optimize creative productivity
  • Creating what you like to consume
  • Creative routines, efficiency and the mix of neuroscience research and self-study he employed to come up with his process
  • Crowdsourcing the editing of his new book "The Heart to Start" and the process by which he tested his ideas via his blog on Medium to help get over any feelings of self-doubt
  • Why it's important to allow ideas the time and space to incubate by disconnecting from your work
  • PODCASTING - David's inspiration and why audio over video
  • Asking for money -- where, when and how
  • How posturing as an "expert" can trigger David's own impostor feelings and how Seth Godin's advice -- reframe what you have to offer from a place of generosity -- is the remedy for that!

"Audio is even more intimate than video is… your voice becomes the voice in their head." ~David Kadavy, on the power of podcasting

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