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Impostor syndrome.

You know, that little voice in your head that says, “Who do you think you are? You can’t do THAT! You'll never be as good as so-and-so. It's only a matter of time before everyone finds out you don't have a CLUE what you're doing.”

This is a show about that.

Producer, singer, mentor, storyteller, and urban meditation aficionado Andrea Klunder takes you inside the minds and hearts of artists, healers, creative entrepreneurs and anyone who's willing to take a risk, think outside the box, move beyond self-doubt to live their creative work, and live their best lives.


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Jun 21, 2017

“You can’t expect to get paid at first because you haven’t honed your craft on stage… you need to learn what is going to give you confidence on stage, how to communicate with the audience, how to make your stage show interesting… and once you’ve accomplished that, then you will feel super confident and you’ll feel like, yeah, maybe I could really make money from this because the product that I offer is good.” ~Bree Noble

Art and business…

It can be SO challenging for us creatives to think of our art in terms of business — and to find the courage to ask for money for what we create?! AHHHHH!!!!!

Bree Noble, founder of Women of Substance Radio and Female Entrepreneur Musician is helping talented women do just that. Bree left her day job as director of finance at Opera Pacific to hustle her way as a singer-songwriter, giving her passion a a chance and now she has rolled everything she learned into a supportive community and mentorship program of and for female musicians who want to thrive.

“I listened to the radio… and I’d be like how come over 80% of these songs I’m hearing are by men and it frustrated me because I knew there was so much talent out there.” ~Bree Noble, on why she started Women of Substance

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